Preparing for birth

Your regular clinic visits during your pregnancy will help you prepare for birth. Your midwife will answer your questions and concerns.

The Midwives Collective offers a series of classes to our clients and their support person in preparation for the birth experience and early parenting.  Classes are not funded by the Ministry of Health and a fee of $200 is charged to clients.  If this fee is not possible at this time please talk to your midwife about a reduced fee.

Childbirth preparation classes:
We offer a 4 week series to all clients giving birth for the first time.  These classes run on a weeknight from 7-9 p.m at the Toronto Birth Centre.  They are taught by a midwife or student midwife.  For more info about the class content, and class fee please talk to your midwife.

Prenatal yoga class:
We offer a prenatal yoga class to our clients participating in the Childbirth Preparation Classes.  This is a 1.25 hour class that runs one Saturday per month.  You can talk to the front desk staff about signing up.

Client Council
You are welcome to join our client council, organized and run by former clients. These volunteers help to plan our annual Reunion Picnic, as well as advocate for midwifery and its consumers.